Press Release : Letter of Intent to Purchase N-219

(Singapore  February 15, 2012) On Wednesday, February 15th , 2012,  Budi Santoso as President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)/PTDI and Laurens Prawira Nitimihardja acting as President Director of PT Nusantara Buana Air (NBA) agree to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) at a venue during the Singapore Air Show 2012.

The signing was followed by Memorandum of Understanding  to support financing the program between PT Dirgantara Indonesia, PT Nusantara Buana Air and RTCom Investment Com Ltd.

This ceremony was witnesess by three minister of Republik of Indonesiana from left to right : MS Hidayat  (the minister of industry), Dahlan Iskan (minister of state enterprices) and Gita Wiryawan (minister of Trade).

NBA intents to purchase 20 (twenty) N219 aircraft and additional option of 10 (ten)  N219 aircraft manufactured by PTDI to support its flight armada in the event to develop its operational flight, for the total amount of US$ 120 million.

Both parties agree to create a team to discuss and to negotiate all the technical and business aspects.

In the meantime PTDI is still developing the N219 aircraft and plans to manufacture the aircraft immediately after getting the certification at the first quarter of 2014. 

This twin turboprop engine that accommodates 19 passengers or 3000 kg of cargo is planned to replace old aircraft operated within Indonesian territory, and the proposed specification of the aircraft is as follow :

–     Maximum cruising speed : 213 kts

–     Maximum range : 1580 Nm

–     Take off length (SL,ISA,MTOW) : 1398 ft

–     Landing field length : 1588 ft

–     Maximum take off weight : 16000 lbs

–     Maximum cruising altitude : 10000 ft

–     Maximum ceiling altitude : 24000 ft

–     Maximum payload : 5460 lbs


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